Love Letters A Universal Sound

Debora Washington your Podcast Host. Come with me as I share my journey on how I survived childhood/adult mental pain. Stay with me as I share stories on Trauma, Mental and Physical Abuse Self-improvement, Resilience and Resurgence.  Join me on this universal journey of love and growth, as we explore these topics through powerful narratives and my original Inspirational and Motivational songs.  Together, we'll create our own love letters to life and harmonize with the world's universal sound.

LLAUS is a Nonprofit 501(C)(3) Id # 71-0803514.

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

Love Letters A Universal Sound

Founder: Debora Washington

Love Letters A Universal Sound began in 2000 with After School Tutoring and Summer Music Enrichment Programs for youth ages five to fifteen, funded by The City of Little Rock Community Programs in Arkansas.

I always had a desire to write and produce inspirational and motivational songs, The songs has helped me and many others better understand the experiences living life can bring.

I know you can grow up to be successful, famous, and even financially free, and still are bothered with things that happened to you years ago or in your childhood.

We are here to help.  Follow us:  Love Letters A Universal Sound podcast to learn more....

Thank you,

Debora Washington

501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization # 71-0803514




At the age of 7 years old
I watched,  helplessly as  my 5 year old sister  burned alive in our home.

My mother was pregnant and suffered from mental illness.

When my youngest sister was five weeks old I watched my mother walk out the door, leaving the five of us alone.

As the second oldest child I cried and searched for my mother for over 7 years.  When I found her I was 15 years old and 9 months pregnant.  Six weeks after reuniting with my mother she committed suicide. I was 16 years and 35 days old.

 Mission Statement:

To use originals inspirational-motivational Songs as the guide for positive empowerment.

LLAUS is a Storytelling Podcast on the various struggles we as humans go through in life. Stories covered: Trauma, Physical,  Mental Abuse, Self- improvement,  Resilience and Resurgence.

LLAUS is a Nonprofit 501(C)(3) Id. number 71-0803514.


LLAUS understands that youth are the treasure of the future, although some of  life circumstances have falsely led us to believe they are not. So we design all of our products and services to promote positive self-discovery, work ethic, empowerment, self-awareness, self-discipline, self-respect, kindness, consideration of others, and healing. Although these unique life circumstances falsely make the youth believe they are not worthy of love, support, or respect, LLAUS counteracts that false narrative by exposing them to an environment filled with love, understanding, and support.


We believe when a person struggles with low-esteem, lack of self-discipline, and lack of work ethic, the world becomes a place full of more problems than solutions. This is because the world now lacks people in it who can cope with challenges, critically think, and actively work to solve both individual problems and societal problems at large. Solving problems creates opportunities for advancement and improvement for all of mankind.


When our youth struggles with emotional instability, abusive relationships, drug abuse, and criminal activity, the world becomes a place where there is a lack of loyalty, social trust, personal accountability, and societal integrity. The integrity of relationships erodes and shows up as broken families, toxic friendships, and corrupt motives among colleagues in the workplace. This is not the world our youth deserves.


LLAUS knows that every individual who truly cares about themselves have the power to positively change the direction of their future and change the world in which they live since they will be the ones to shape it. By listening to the needs of people and investing our time and resources in their well-being, we can cultivate their potential. The consistency of love can give them a peace of mind and spirit and lead them on a journey of self-discovery in which they can uncover their talents, strengths, and unique place in the world. This powerful journey of positive self-discovery allows them to identify themselves as the beings that God intended them to be. It empowers them to live out their purpose as God would have it.



Our Mission

God Is Everywhere


 Some people talk about the birds and the bees. Some talk about life, and how things used to be. But I want to talk about God, between you and me. So don't be afraid, God is everywhere. Some people talk about the wind and how it blows.. some talk about the rain and the snow and some people talk about the bad.. and where they will go.. but only God knows.. Cause He's Everywhere.

Warning Signs


Tommy, come here!

I heard about the guys you're hanging with now, and, I know they’re selling.  Can we talk?  What do you mean you don’t have time to talk to me?  Well then, will you listen to your warning signs, there in your mind you know telling you.. Don't go-- don't go-- over there.

God's Love Letters


The ones, the ones, blessed be, the ones... Won’t you, say it again … Oooo. Blessed be, blessed be, the ones….God has a love letter written for you. A fascinating book impregnanted (with truth,) oh yeah.. God's letter, many love letters, written, waiting, for you.  Won't you say it again Oooo. It's written!