I’ll Try (If You Try)



I’ll Try   (If You Try)
Written/produced by:

Debora Lee Ricks- Chatman-Washington
Copyright: 1991


I know he’s been hurt many times.

Lost trust and closed the door on love.

But I thank God for being in the midst,

He turned this around, and now we love again.

(I’ll try-if you try-to keep this love alive .) (Repeat 2x.)

Honesty, Sincerity, Loyalty, Trust. (Repeat 2x.)

(I’ll try, I’ll try.) (Repeat 2x)

(I’ll Try if you try)

Many times–I reminisce.

Now it’s funny how it was when we first met.

I started a relationship on a lie.

Trying to be someone that I could never be.

I just wanted to– impress you.

To keep you– anyway I could—

But I noticed on the other hand,

You seen right through the lies.

Yet you kept me, and made me your wife.


(I’ll try if you try to keep this love alive.) (Repeat 3x)

I’ll try, if you try.

Try with me

To keep this love alive

(I’ll try, I’ll try, I’ll try if you try.)

I’ll  try, if you try.

And as our relationship- began to grow

The skeletons in my closet, the past began to unfold.

I got upset and started on with a lie.

You stopped me,

And looked into my eyes and said

If you try.

I’ll try.

If you try,

Only if, you, try.

Keep your faith in God above

For giving us another chance.

(Keep your faith in God above)

(I guarantee you)

(He will make it right.)

(I’ll try if you try to keep this love alive.) (Repeat to the end)

(I’ll try, I’ll try.)

(I’ll  try,  if you try.)

And then we’d began to try

With a little more

Honesty and Sincerity and Loyalty

Towards one another.

We began talking to God

Huh, quite a bit.

And the feeling we received

Was oh so strong.

We’re much happier now.

And I thank God for it all.


Ha,Ha, Ha

Honesty, Sincerity, Loyalty, and Trust


Honesty, Sincerity, Loyalty, and Trust.