A Special Thanks To All The Wonderful Musicians For Being A Part Of My Music Journey


swww.jango.com › music › William+Stuckey  William Stuckey is a blind veteran musician, vocalist, record producer, arranger, engineer and multi-instrumentalist, whose repertoire includes, gospel music, r&b, soul, country, funk and adult contemporary. At an early age William learned to appreciate all types of music.  All Songs- Written & Produced-by Debora, Lee-Ricks-Chatman-Washington. Keyboard Music arranger- William Stuckey on the following sound tracks.   U Shall B. Blessed-I See Jesus In U - I Knew My Lord In Time- I’ll Try-Heavenly Father Who Knows All- Jesus Knows- I want To Be Like U – Warning Signs.

www.facebook.com › people › Ron-Moton  Ron Moton is a Composer, Recording Artist, Record Producer, Studio Musician, Songwriter, Music Clinician, Midi Composition Instructor, Private Music Instructor, and an Internationally known performance artist . Ron Moton has recorded or performed with artists ranging from Herbie Hancock to the Lennon Sisters and more.  Warning Signs- Ron Moton-Studio-Musician- /engineer.


Vince Bailey is one of, if not the best-broadcast personalities in the business via both radio and television. His creative planning and writing abilities of news, scripts, promo, interviews, and commercials are superb and highly professional.

Vince Baily-Video Producer-God Is Everywhere (Video)-Directed by Debora-Lee-Ricks-Washington.

Rodger, Robinson-Quality Video Services –Little, Rock. Arkansas

www.linkedin.com › in › roger-robinson-4052a09

The Junk Food King-(Video) Directed by Debora, Washington.

Michael,  Hillian- Recording Studios- In South Carolina.

God Is Everywhere- What Is Your Day Like and  Gods Love Letters - Songs written and produce by Debora Washington.  Michael  Hillian-  Studio Musician.

Henry Parker- Recording Engineer -Studio at Arkansas Baptist College

Derick & Jack Clark-Musician- Thank U for the Pain- Song written and Produced by Debora, Washington

A Thought for Today 

Always be precise when talking about a specific need or subject to God. He hears you and your turn is coming.

Psalms 40:1-3.

The eyes of the LORD are everywhere, observing the evil and the good.

Proverbs 15:3.

Debora, Washington.