Our programs  reduce youth's risk of emotional instability and involvement in gangs,  abusive relationships,  crimes,  drug abuse, and premature sexual activity.  We achieve this goal by creating music-based programs as a means of self-therapy.  Music-based self-therapy programs are a proven and effective way to improve self-esteem,  teach positive work ethic,  self-discipline,  conflict resolution, problem-solving,  and leadership skills.

Love Letters A Universal Sound  Programs:

LLAUS reassures the youth who attend our  programs that we appreciate them and will never lie or disrespect them.  We invest our time and resources to empower them and encourage them to discover and explore their godly purpose in life. Our program help gives students  the confidence and the safety they need to undergo a noticeable transformation in their mind, body, and spirit. LLAUS help the youth to:

Discover their talents to create a positive self-identity

  • Gain their confidence and peace of mind as they learn to express themselves through their creativity
  • Learn the skills necessary to relieve the stress they feel from complex circumstances
  • Gain tools and resources to solve problems they rarely have at their disposal
  • Receive assessments and counseling, when necessary, to ensure their holistic well-being
  • Feel a sense of safety and protection
  • Learn accountability and leadership by exposing them to influential, positive role models
  • Critically think about their actions
  • Learn how to make responsible decisions and navigate their behaviors so they are considerate and aware of the needs of others
  • Work as part of a team to gain the benefits of collaborating with like-minded peers who have the same creative interests and desire for self-improvement


A Difference They Can Feel:

Prior to attending our Online Programs,  young people often:

  • Excessively curse and verbalize other negative opinions that easily offend peers, caretakers, and older individuals who hold positions of authority
  • Disregard the intentional harm they cause to others through their words and actions
  • Justify the intentional harm they cause to others through their words and actions
  • Draw negative attention to their peers by publicly or privately mocking them and openly humiliating them; this is often because of their own poor self-esteem
  • Lie about the intention or outcomes of their behaviors and words to avoid critical thought and accountability
  • Escalate confrontations by cursing and using other inflammatory statements rather than seeking conflict resolution


After attending our online programs, young people:

  • Significantly minimize their cursing and expression of negative opinions
  • Think about whether they will offend their peers, caretakers, or older individuals who hold positions of authority
  • Identify and process their emotions before speaking and behaving in a counterproductive or destructive manner
  • Seek means of self-therapy through music and other forms of creative expression
  • Take personal responsibility and accountability for their actions and behaviors
  • Speak honestly about their intentions and motives
  • Engage in peaceful and productive conflict resolution
  • Work with their peers to identify where each member of their team needs help or guidance.


Programs:  Due to the Pandemic we are not working these programs  online.

  • Music Appreciation. (coming soon)
  • Understanding the four (4) Types of Listeners. (coming soon)
  • Understanding (poetry) and it's connection to  Lyrics writing.  (coming soon)
  • Songwriting( comming Soon)
  • Piano Theory-Scales, Intervals, Chords progression and more.. ( Coming soon)




"Strength doesn't come from what you can do.

It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn't."

-Debora Lee Ricks

After School Tutoring

AST assists the students with high quality tutoring; if fallen behind in school, and mentoring to guide them on the right path of success.

Summer Music Enrichment

SME allows students to be creative and express themselves by studying the components of music.


LLAUS serves as a safe haven for the youth. Fun activities such as  singing and playing games that exercise the mind, and various athletic activities such as volleyball and basketball keep kids engaged and off the streets.