Warning Signs




Warning Signs

Written & Produced by:

Debora, Lee Ricks- Chatman- Washington
Copyright: 1989


Tommy, come here!

I heard about the guys your hanging with now

And, I know they’re selling.



Can we talk?

What do you mean you don’t have time to listen to me?

Well then, will you listen to your warning signs?

They’re in your mind, you know

Telling you.

(Don’t go.) Don’t go.

(Don’t go.) Over there.

(Don’t go down there, don’t go over there. Oh No!)

I told him yesterday there would be nothing but trouble

Hanging around with those guys.

Now all the neighbors are talking about the guys living life too fast

Smoking dope, selling crack.

Heaven knows it won’t last

(Won’t last).

But he wouldn’t listen. Just turned and walk away.

(Turned and walked away.)

The night before it happened, warning signs lit up my mind.

I’m asking him to stay, telling him to stay home.

Still, he wouldn’t listen.

(Listen, Tommy. Listen, Tommy.)

Just turned and walked away.

Well then, listen to your warning signs.


(You’d better listen).

Your right-from-wrong, they’re warning signs.

(You’d better listen.)

(You better)

(In our mind warning signs)

God-given warning signs they’re in our mind.

Warning signs

Listen to your warning signs

Tommy, listen to your warning signs!

Now, he’s in the gang, selling dope just the same.


With a loaded gun in his pocket.

Sprung on crack, high as a rocket.

Always missing, ditching school.

Looking for a girl to use.

Robbing, stealing on the one.

Hurting, killing people’s sons.

Someone gonna get you back

If you don’t stop selling crack.


(You’d better) .

To your God-given warning signs

(You’d better listen.)

Warning signs

(You’d better, there)

(In our mind my warning signs.)

(Listen, Tommy.)

(Listen, Tommy.)

Our warnings signs.


Later that night, he didn’t come home.

I checked all messages on the phone.

(This is serious business.)

Soon the night ended and the day took place.

No signs from him, not a trace.

I got on the phone and called a friend,

Just to find out that he wasn’t in.

Then I looked out the door there in red.

Tommy – dead.

Oh, it was just,

It was just yesterday

The neighbors told me about those guys.

(Oh, Tommy!)

Oh no Tommy!

(This is some serious business)

They told me yesterday,

It would be trouble,

Nothing but trouble,

Hanging around

If he kept hanging around

With those guys.

( Guys, guys)

Now, all the neighbors are talking.

Now all the neighbors are talking.


(Don’t go!) (Repeat 8x)







Tommy, I knew I wasn’t your mother.


I ‘m just your sister.


And all I really wanted you to know


Is, I loved you.

(To your warning signs)

I loved you.

In Jesus name.

Oh, Why

Male Lead

(Listen. Listen to thee.)


(Listen do, do, do, do.)


(To your warning signs.)

(Hey hey).

(Listen, yeah.)

(Do, do, do, do.)

(To your warning signs)

(Do, do, do, do.)

(Listen, yeah.)


(Listen to your warning signs.)


(Do, do,do,do,do)


(Listen to your warning signs.) (Repeat 4x)

(Listen to your)

(Warning signs.)

(Listen to thee.)

(Listen to your) (Repeat 4x.)

(To your warning signs) (Repeat 3x)

(Listen, Listen to thee)

(Warning signs).



(To the warning signs)

(To Your Warning Signs).