Music Book References

LLAUS Music Books Reference

(Not in alphabetical order)

  • Studying Rhythm by-Anne, Carothers-Hall.
  • Introduction To Songwriting A Beginner’s Guide To Writing and Composing Your Own Songs. By Voyetra.
  • Schirmer’s  Music Spelling- Book by-Anice, Terhune.
  • The Listening Experience by-James, O’Brien.
  • Music for Sight Singing Forth Edition by-Robert, W. Ottman.
  • Progressive Class Piano 2nd Edition by-Elmer, Hearena.
  • Group Piano-By Lancaster. Kenon D. Renfrow.
  • Piano course by-John, W. Schaum (A preparatory book for Earliest Beginner.)
  • A practical approach for the older beginner by- Elmer,  Hearna.
  • Piano Solos by-Jane, Smisor- Bastien.
  • Piano Lessons by-James, Bastien.
  • Theory Lessons by-James, Bastien.
  • The Art Song- By Edith Braun.
  • Practical Method for the Pianoforte by- Louis, Kohler.
  • Alfred’s Group Piano for Adults by- E.L. Lancaster, Kenon & D. Renfrow.
  • Music Theory- Book One & Two by- Andrew Scott.
  • John Thompson’s-Modern Course for the piano-The William Music Co. Cincinnati, O.
  • Foundations of Music by-Robert, Nelson & Carl & J.  Christensen.
  • The business of music for the Christian by- Alvin V. Williams & Jay King.
  • Second Edition Piano for the developing Musician by- Martha Hilley & Lyn Freeman Olsom.
  • How to make and sell your own Records by- Dian Sword Rapaport.
  • Do It Yourself Publicity-Phyllis Caddell-M.
  • Michael Aaron Piano Course grade 2-The Modern Approach To Piano Study.
  • Get it in Writing By Brian McPherson, Esq.
  • Essential Repertoire- For The Developing Choir-By Janice Killian- Michael O’Hern.-Linda Rann.-Edited By Emily. Crocker.

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