Thank U 4 The Pain




Seven years old Nowhere to go

Mother, dealing with Mental Illness.
Daddy, Alcoholism. If it wasn’t for them, this song would not have been written.

Thank U 4 The Pain

Written & Produced by:

 Debora Lee Ricks- Chatman-Washington.

C. 2012


As I walked through—- the valley of life,

I come across some thunder and some lightning

Which sent me through war cries– at night,


And as I walked though—this valley of life

I also felt some Love—- some Mercy—–and Grace—–

I thank you for the pain

(Ooooooooo.) Repeat

And all the storms in my life

I thank you for the pain

And the war cries at night

You are the God– in my life—

Because of  you— I can see— the- sun shine

Which brought me from the darkness– and into the light—


That’s why I–thank you– for– the pain

(Now that you–you have me Lord (Lead/Chorus)

(I thank you for the pain)

(Stand up in my body Lord (Lead/Chorus)

And do your- prefect will

That my destiny here—– shall be— fulfill.)

I thank you for the pain

and all- of the storms in- my- life

now I see the light

You are– the God- in my life—-

Because of you– I now see—- the sun shine

and—- everyday it’s shine so- bright


That’s why— I—- thank you for–the pain.

(Now that you– have me Lord—–)

I thank you- for— the thunder–

(Stand up in my body– Lord——)

(And do- your prefect will—–)

(That my destiny —shall be fulfill.—-) (Repeat) 2X

I thank you– for the lightning—

and the sleepless nights- you open up my eyes—-

Now i see the light

You are the God in my life—-

because of you– i can see– the sun shine

and—–every day it’s shine so— bright


that’s why— I——thank you– for– the pain.

(Now that you have me Lord

(Stand up in my body Lord)

(And do your prefect will)

(That my destiny —shall be fulfill.) (Repeat)

I thank you -for–, the thunder.

I thank you for—the lightning—-

And the sleepless nights– you open up my eyes—-

I thank you, I thank you for—the sunshine—-

That’s in my heart—— every day.

I thank you- Lord—- Jesus—-

I thank you for—- I thank you for—

Your Love— in my– life…..